Trees are the skeleton of any landscape. In addition to their aesthetic value, trees also add financial value to your property. That is why professional tree care is an investment rather than an expense. Professional tree care protects the equity that is growing just outside your windows.

Tree Removal

Removing a tree is not our favorite task. It usually signifies the death of a loved one. As living beings, however, trees have a finite lifespan. Consequently, they decline, die and become hazardous. They may outgrow their space, creating a hazard. Our arborists can remove trees of any size from any space. They have the training, experience and special equipment to remove any tree and dispose of it safely and with minimum disruption. Tree removal is dangerous and should never be attempted by an amateur!

Tree Installation

We believe that for every tree removed, a new tree should be planted. With that in mind we are pleased to offer our customers a larger selection of new trees. You don’t even have to lift a hand, a certified arborist from Hughes Tree Service can install your new tree.